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F+H Studios is renowned for its tough-luxe aesthetic and our necklace collection reflects this with our signature chunky chains, 90s style chocker necklaces, statement pendants and fine layering chains. All F+H jewellery is ethically created and uses sustainably sourced gold and silver plating, adorned with our favourite gemstones and freshwater pearls.

Fierce Pendant Necklace - Peridot

From $295.00 AUD

Cluster Gemstone Choker - Peridot

From $195.00 AUD

Tangled Chain Necklace

From from $235.00 AUD

Fierce Pendant Necklace - Aquamarine

From $295.00 AUD

Impact Gemstone Necklace - Aquamarine

From $245.00 AUD

Fierce Pendant Necklace - Malachite

From $310.00 AUD

Wild Box Chain Necklace - Malachite

From $285.00 AUD

Knife Edge Custom Necklace

From from $490.00 AUD

Stevie Double Chain Necklace - Peridot

From $245.00 AUD

Royalty Cross Necklace - Peridot

From $265.00 AUD $285.00 AUD

Royalty Cross Necklace - Topaz

From $225.00 AUD $275.00 AUD

Attitude Statement Curb Chain

From from $345.00 AUD

Amplify Double Curb Chain Necklace 540mm

From from $190.00 AUD $280.00 AUD

Currents Choker Necklace - Freshwater Pearl

From $245.00 AUD

Indie Keshi Pearl Choker

From from $245.00 AUD

Amplify Double Curb Chain Choker - 420mm

From from $230.00 AUD

Syndicate Statement Necklace

From from $280.00 AUD $390.00 AUD

Stevie Double Chain Necklace - Freshwater Pearl

From from $225.00 AUD

Whitney Gemstone Heart Necklace - Black Onyx

From $200.00 AUD $275.00 AUD